I know that my Summer vacation of 2014 is almost a year ago, but with this weather outside all I want to do is look at my pictures from when I was in Bali last July.

Last year my friend Tessa and I decided we wanted to do volunteering work in Bali. She found something that included working with sea turtles. She didn’t really have to say much because I loved that idea!
A week later we signed op for the program and a couple months later we were on the plane to go to Bali.


We went with Singapore Airlines so we had a stop at Singapore for a few hours and then we had a flight to Bali.

It was also the world cup that night we had our flight. So in Singapore we went full on Dutch with our orange flower necklaces and we supported Holland. I think we even won that night!



This was the house we stayed in at Ubud and the picture below is the view we had from the house.
I am not Emma L but this was the better picture haha.
The first week was kind of an introduction week with people from all over the world in a house. I mean, that is pretty fun!



Above is me and Tessa posing for a picture in some cute mirrors. I am not sure what the market was called.. But this was the biggest market in Ubud and you could get pretty much everything they sold for super cheap.


This little girl kept wanting to sell us these things (I am not sure how to say that in English), and she carried them around on her head!! Crazy! And she is so young as well..
We didn’t buy anything from her because I feel like that just encourages child labour.


But the things they sell at the market were so beautiful!



That same day we went to Monkey Forest and you could feed them bananas and let them sit on you. I did not do that haha, I do not like those animals to sit on them. I like to watch them from a distance! But this monkey was so funny, just chilling on his butt!




We also went to a traditional dance show which was very interesting. I did not get the whole story but it was very intriguing.



This is a picture of the whole group of our house. Yep, we were pretty much the only house with just girls.


And of course the famous rice terraces. We walked for about 4 hours threw rice terraces and small villages. Very exhausting but also very fun.




We also did a kind of painting class, as you can see above. I thing it looks pretty epic and I still have it in my closet. I really want to hang it on my wall in my new house (which I don’t have yet.. small detail).


The picture above was also probably one of the coolest things I got to do in Bali. In the first week – the introduction week where we learned about the culture – we went to a Holy Water Temple a little outside of Ubud. We were with a lot of people and we were aloud to go in to the water and pray. I personally have never prayed before so I didn’t really know what to do but in the end I just wished for everything I wanted to do that vacation and for the health of my family and friends. And yes, you had to pray at (almost) every water flow. In the end, we were soaked!

And now over to the sea turtles. We arrived in Nusa Penida, a small island near Bali, and the view was amazing! Every morning and afternoon we cleaned the sanctuaries of the turtles and the rest of the day we cleaned the beaches and were free to look around the island.











I never would have thought that I would ride a scooter in Bali! I had never driven one before so that was kind of a challenge but it was so much fun! We went to a beautiful hidden beach and I think I got very tanned that day :).



The third week we went back to Bali and decided to go on a dolphin tour very early in the morning. We saw a lot of dolphins but they kind of got chased by all the boats so in the end we thought it was very sad to see.



A couple of days later we went to climb the volcano also very early on the morning. I think we were on top of the volcano around 6am. And I think we got up around 3am. You have to make an effort right.


And here is a picture of me climbing to the top. Some places were very very steep.



And of course the beautiful sunrise!

After those days we met with Tessa’s family. And I could go on and on and on about this vacation, but I will just share some of my favorite pictures of the rest of the vacation below.








Btw. this picture above is me sliding down from a waterfall. This was probably the most fun and scary thing to do at the same time. First of all because I saw a scorpion on a rock right before I put my foot on there – so happy I saw that thing early enough haha. Second because the rocks were really hard and because of the speed of the water it kind of hurts your butt. And last because when you hit the water it is like hitting a floor. So my ears closed of immediately and then you had to swim the hardest you could because of the strong current. But I mean, this was also super fun to do! I am kind of a coward when it comes to those kind of things.
A few meters further there was a 6 meter high waterfall. I didn’t jump that one haha.






I wish I was that tan again!! Damn you Netherlands!!

I would go back in a heartbeat!

Love, Emma


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