Cutting Out Refined Sugar?

Recently I have heard a lot of people talk about the 30 day challenge of cutting out refined sugar.
The first time I heard about this was because of a friend of my sister who did the challenge.
And my response was saying that I was going to do the same thing, kind of sarcastic / serious. That is about a month ago.
So I did not do the challenge. Mostly because I think it was just some stupid thing that everybody all of a sudden does because well, everybody does it. And that makes me instantly not want to do it.

That day that I heard about cutting out refined sugar my sister teased me a bit saying that I was going to try it, uh huh (wink wink). And to be honest, she was right haha because I did not do it.
And I also am obsessed with all kinds of sugar, I just have a big sweet tooth – which is probably why I have a upcoming cavity.. oops!

Now it is less than it used to be, but I eat a lot of things with sugar. Mostly at breakfast and lunch with my bread. I know not every country eats bread at breakfast but in Holland we do and it is a normal thing. And with my bread I liked and still like to eat something sweet like peanut butter (with sugar, yes I know that is bad) or something with chocolate. Or anything that is sweet.

But lately I have been trying to eat differently. I recently bought a Nutri Bullet which I like to use every morning. So if we have enough fruit in the house than I will make a very healthy smoothie. Just with fruits and sometimes milk. So that is just a very healthy start of the day. Then I will eat muesli with yoghurt or oatmeal with milk or toast with something savory or something (not bread).

So I mean, I was doing pretty good at breakfast, although I still have my days where I just crave my sugar on bread…
Only at lunch it the moment where it either goes right or wrong with the sugar parts.

So as I was doing my thing I totally forgot about that funny challenge about the sugar and I was just living my life.
But today I saw a picture on Instagram with a description that said that the girl I was following was been cutting out refined sugar for the past 3 weeks and I was amazed. That sounds kind of exaggerated but I wanted to know more.

For any of you who want to know who’s Instagram it was: she is called Rachel Brathen and on Instagram yoga_girl .

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-12 om 17.59.26
She said that all of her late night cravings for sweets had completely disappeared. And I immediately knew that that was something that I wanted as well!

I have been doing so good with my diet that I wanted to explore the benefits of this.
Just a quick disclaimer: I am not a nutritious and I have not tried this yet myself.

But these are the benefits that I found that cutting out sugar can (maybe) do for you:
(Personally, I think that these benefits probably are different for everybody)

1. Your sugar cravings will be drastically reduced.
2. Headaches and fatigue will be reduced.
3. Less mood swings and improved mental state (looking forward to that!)
4. Weight loss, not drastically but a few kilos, and weight control.
5. Increased energy (which is good because I want to exercise more!)

I found some more benefits but I am just not sure if they are true so I am not putting them on my blog.


So here it is, I am saying this for realzzz : I am going to go 30 days without any refined sugar!
I will try my best!!
And of course I will update you here on my blog every week.

Now, to be honest, I am going to start on Sunday or Monday, because today I already ate a lot of sugar… bought candy. And tomorrow I am going to a festival so there is not that many choice of food there.

Wish me luck!

Love, Emma


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