Ice Cream (you scream)

Ice Cream (you scream)

Week three of sugar-free is coming to an end. I think I have been saying that I want to stop every day this week but I am still going strong, kind of.

Since it has been so hot the last couple of days, I have been eating a lot of my home-made ice cream! I made it with one frozen banana and some coconut milk and then blend it with my Nutri Bullet until you have the right consistency. The icecream holder I got from the HEMA for only €1,50. The result Is delicious!!

I did have a cheatday on wednesday because I was eating pancakes with my friends, but still I think I’m doing okay.

I am noticing that my body is much more calm and actually so is my head (as in my thoughts).

When I was on the train back home from eating the pancakes (and with that sugar) I noticed that my stomach was cramping a lot. I think that is because all of a sudden I was eating the bad sugars again.

As it turns out, it is actually pretty easy to not eat the bad sugars. As I said previously, I am not hard on myself and still let myself eat things like bread and ham (because there is sugar in that as well).

Also I bought Holy Soda which apparently has Naturalis sweetner in it, like stevia and the sugar of the fruit. And that just is a nice and different taste instead of just water and tea.

On a side note, I cracked the screen of my iPhone 6… Stupid me. It happened on Tuesday and the first appointment you could make with the Apple Store was on Saturday! Bit well, shit happens. It had to happen eventually. I should treat my phone better from now on!

Love, Emma


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