Today is a really rainy day with wind force 10 so I though I would write a blogpost.

I’m thinking, what can I do on a rainy day like this.. I have a lot of time so maybe I can work out?
That is possible, but I can’t really go outside because of the wind (like seriously it is dangerous outside).
So what I like to do is do some exercises inside the house but still feel like I’ve done something.

And what I am really in to at the moment is Yoga. Yoga is something that has always interested me, and last year I started lessons with a group. I really liked it and it was very relaxing but at one point I had to decide to quit the classes because it was getting to expensive for me and I had to save some money so I could go to Bali in the summer.
And looking back at that time last year, I just wasn’t completely invested in yoga. I liked it but it also sometimes felt like an obligation, and that is not something you want when you start something.

Yoga With Adriene

So after that period of yoga lessons I didn’t really do yoga until January this year. I was in the middle of exams and I was just really stressed, and all of a sudden this thought came into my head saying that maybe I should do some yoga. So I went on YouTube and searched yoga for stress relief. And that is what I found. I found a channel named Yoga With Adriene and I clicked on it and found the video that I was looking for. I think it was called exactly what I was searching: Yoga For Stress Relief.

So I did the online routine and I was just amazed at how calm I had become. What I love about Adriene is that she is very calm but also a bit funny which makes the routine light.

Foto 19-01-15 14 29 48

This is the snapchat I took right after I was finished with the routine.

So after I found that channel I wanted to do more yoga and slowly I am getting to the point of doing yoga several times a week. But I do not want to force this, I like to do yoga when I feel like it.

I did a couple of nighttime routines right before bed when I was really restless and it really helped me to sleep better. I feel like I have the best sleep when I have done yoga before bed.


I also found a Instagram account, which I have talked about before on my blog, which is called Yoga_girl (she is called Rachel Brathen). I found her just randomly I think, because I can’t really remember how I started following her account.
I do know that I saw her pictures and was just amazed at what she could do with her body all from just doing yoga. And with that I mean crazy headstands.

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-25 om 14.33.51

And I started following her on her other social media sites and I really liked her personality. She does have a YouTube channel but she doesn’t have those long routine videos. But she does really inspire me to keep doing yoga because you can achieve a lot more than you think!

I want to do more blogposts about Yoga and the people who have inspired me to start yoga so stay tuned for that!


Btw, I also have a new YouTube Channel. This one is completely in Dutch because I wanted to daily vlog this summer and that is easier when speaking Dutch. It would mean a lot to me if you could check it out and maybe subscribe :).

Love, Emma


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