Inspiratie: Estée Lalonde

Inspiratie: Estée Lalonde

As I’m going through my subscription box on YouTube I find myself not really wanting to see anything from anyone.
I am subscribed to 99 different channels. I know, it’s a lot. So as you can understand, my subscription box is almost everyday full of new videos for me to watch.

For the past few weeks I have been kind of absent on the internet, I have not been on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and my Blog as much as I used to. Partly because there have been some exciting stuff happening in my life and I was just really busy and partly because I just didn’t feel the need to go online and talk about it.
Today has not been a great day for me, I’ve been feeling very under the weather and down and I was just not feeling it. But for some reason I gravitated towards YouTube to see if it could cheer me up.

Going threw my 99 subscriptions I found one video that caught my eye. It was a video by Estée Lalonde a.k.a. Essie Button. I have always been a fan of Estée’s videos and I just knew that I was going to love it.
Watching her video made me very calm and relaxed and I realized it was because she was calm and relaxed in her video as well.

I have been watching Estée’s channel for about 2 years now and I’ve really grown to love her more every time I watch a video.
I like that she is just herself and being goofy and funny and basically not giving a shit.
I’ve met her once before, this past May in London. A few blogposts back I talk about meeting her. The day of the meetup she was very sick or ill and you could hear it in her voice and also see it a little bit in her eyes. But still she made an effort to go to the meetup and not cancel and she completed almost 2 hours of meeting people!
I loved that when I met her we just talked about sunglasses and were told to hurry up because of the big line.

In this video she talks a little bit about what her thoughts have been on the whole youtube beauty channel thing. That is what she started with and now, 5 years later, she realizes that there is more to life than beauty and that it is not representing who she really is. I think it is amazing that she is so open about this and letting everybody see her vulnerable side. That’s something that I really want to do as well, but it’s a proces.

And the funny thing is that I, as a viewer, have noticed over the past couple of months that she was not really happy with the way her channel was progressing. You could see it in her daily vlogs or on her Twitter and Instagram. There is even a video where she talks about having to find herself again, which I think was her turning point. Like she was saying “now is the time to do what I want.” I just have so much respect for that!

So as I was watching that video, I came across a couple other of her new videos which I really want to share here on my blog because it inspires me to be better and to do what I want to do!
The way she films her new videos is so amazing and I love the quality as well. It looks very professional even though she is not a professional, if that makes sense.



  1. September 14, 2015 / 4:50 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with this post!!! I love watching her videos and she is one of the FOUR youtube personalities that I subscribe to. Her new videos seem much more mature and down-to-earth, something that is sorely lacking in the youtube community.

  2. September 14, 2015 / 5:07 pm

    I love that Estee is trying to move her channel on… It’s clear she has so many other interests, rather than just makeup, and wants to break out of the box! (I too love the beauty related videos, but they’re falling down my list and I now prefer watching videos about other topics). She’s received a lot of negative comments since the ‘Let’s Meet Again’ video, but I personally love the new direction she’s taking and can’t wait for her upcoming videos. Great post! Love the ‘letters to July’ video too – I hadn’t seen that one before. X

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