Meeting YouTubers At BeautyCon London

I know I’ve already put my vlogs online on my YouTube account, but I still want to write a blogpost about my London trip as well. Just because I like it and well…. it is my blog.

So you can watch my second day in london right here:

BeautyCon London

Saturday was the day that I was going to meet my favorite YouTubers! I was soo excited that I almost did not sleep for the entire night! Mostly because it was really hot and because I could not sleep because of my next door neighbor, but also because my mind was just overexcited for the next day.
Since I had bought a PRO ticket I had early acces to the venue. I could be at the venue at 9AM. So I did. I was a little bit late because I could not get out of my bed that morning – surprise surprise.

Making Friends

Once I got in to the venue I basically just walked around to see what there was to do and if there were any other people who came by themselves.
It didn’t took long for me to find a girl who was walking by herself. I awkwardly introduced myself to her and asked her if she was there by herself as well. She was very sweet and said “let’s hang out!”. So we did.
One minute later she realized that she had lost her a bracelet thing (used to get in to the venue and to show what kind of ticket you bought), so I helped her to get her bracelet back.
We walked around for a bit and took some pictures. Then I realized that the meetup from Essie Button was about to begin. I went to the meetup and she went her way.
Because I had a PRO ticket I could go in the first line – which is a line for PRO and PLATINUM ticket holders to meet the YouTubers first. So as it turned out, I was the 4th person in line to meet Essie Button, which I was very excited about because that meant that I could meet Tess Christine as well as they had their meetups at the same time.

As I stood in the line I met two lovely girls. I thought they were my age but they were far from that – they were 16! We talked for a bit and decided to hang out some more after the meetups.

Meeting Essie Button And Tess Christine!

Meeting Essie Button was probably the most exciting meetings of the day – and the first as well! I knew she wasn’t feeling so well so the first thing I asked her if she was feeling okay? She said she was doing fine and that she really liked my sunglasses which I bought the day before. And before I knew it we had to hurry up and take a picture and than that was it, on to the next one.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Next up was meeting Tess Christine. I was very excited because she came all the way from Amerika and she had never done a meetup before. And then it happened. I got nervous!
I never really get very nervous so this was very unexpected for me. I walked up to her, she asked me what my name was and then I just said awkwardly: “should we take a picture?”. So we took a picture and then I invited those two girls (Sophie and Iona) up, because we where together at her meetup, and then my conversation with her was kind of over.
But hey, I still got to meet her! I hope I can mee her again sometimes and then not be so awkward haha!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I also met Cassey from Blogilates and Fleur DeForce and they both said something for my vlog. They were all so sweet and wanted to take the time to have a conversation, even though the people from the organization said not to.

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Above is me and Fleur DeForce.

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And here is me with Cassey Ho from Blogilates.

And last but not least, I met the beautiful ViviannaDoesMakeup and Lily Pebbles. It was actually really funny to see their reactions when I told them that I had come to London just for BeautyCon!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Left is Lily Pebbles and on the right is Anna from VivannaDoesMakeup.

All of these photos and more are on my Instagram: @Emmadujourxo

The Panels

The panels were also really fun to watch. You could kind of meet the YouTubers that didn’t do a meetup and you could actually learn something from them as well. They gave tips and tricks for starting a YouTube channel and they talked about different subjects.
I hanged witch Sophie and Iona for the most part at those panels. But I also met a super enthusiastic girl called Abby. She was from New Zealand and was in England for an exchange program. It was really funny to see her freak out over all the YouTubers who were there.

The Big Ben

After BeautyCon I had some dinner and decided to go see some tourists stuff.
The first thing that came to mind was the Big Ben. I mean, you HAVE to see the Big Ben when you’re in London right?!
So I did. By the time I got there it was about to go dark outside and the lights on the Big Ben just went on. I mean, it looked very pretty! I really want to go see the Big Ben sometime again, but then with daylight.






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