Being A Tourist

The last day has arrived and the only thing I have seen so far is the Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.. That is not a lot.
I wish I could stay here forever, like, I want to live here! (If only I had the money..)

As I am getting ready to leave my Airbnb I realize that this holiday is coming to an end and I am so sad. But I feel like this should not stop me to see some more of the city.
I walk down to the living room with my suitcase and Alexandra (the owner) kindly suggests for me to leave my suitcase here and pick it up later. She even drives me to the Underground so it is easier for me to go to Notting Hill.
Basically everything about this trip is amazing. The people are so nice to me and I feel like I belong here.

As I get out of the Tube, I walk to Portobello Rd with the given directions. And soon enough I find it. I realized that I’ve had nothing to eat yet so I look for a place to eat breakfast. Well, lets be fair, it was probably brunch.

I walk in this cute cafe and the girl behind the counter asks how I am. As soon as I say that I am “good but very hungry” the girl brings me to their garden and pulls out a chair. She is from Poland and you could definitely hear that. She is so sweet and helps me with everything that I don’t understand on the menu – which is not a lot but the rocket thing I just did not get.. (it is rucola).




After I ate my brunch I went outside to make a picture of this cute place. It is called “TALKHOUSE”. So if you are in the neighborhood of Notting Hill, go and check this place out!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Also, these houses are just the cutest aren’t they!! I seriously want to live in them! I am in love!!

Moving on the the next part of London I wanted to see was the Tower Bridge. I have to say, that was kind of a fail as I stood on the wrong bridge. But you know what, at least I had a good view haha!


I only had about 2 hours before I had to go to the airport so I figured I would just move on to the next thing: Buckingham Palace.
When I got there, I was actually very proud of myself for finding something haha!
I looked around for a bit, took some awful selfies, which are not for your eyes to see, and walked around the park for a bit.



I just think those men look so funny standing there. And at the same time I feel kind of bad for them. I mean, what if you leg starts to itch!! Then what??

Anyhow, after that adventure I went to Harrods, and walked right out of there. Not something for me. I bought a pair of cute shoes at Topshop and then it was time to go home :(.
I was not happy about this but I couldn’t stay forever..

My London trip was the best thing that ever happened to me. It has opened a lot of doors for me and also opened my eyes about a couple of things.
If I could go back, I would!

Here is my last vlog from London:

Love, Emma


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